About Piccinino

With over 50 years of experience, the Piccinino brand has become synonymous with lingerie and swimwear. We are the leading lingerie chain in Malta and Gozo. 

Using a multi-brand approach, our competitive advantage lies in specialising in lingerie and swimwear for women of all shapes and sizes. At Piccinino, we offer a vast selection of quality and affordability unmatched by any other retailer.  

Ours is a story of generations, and we look forward to the next.

Our Story

The name Piccinino dates back to our Sicilian ancestors. Before the Second World War, Joseph Piccinino made a living out of tailoring corsets and lingerie for Maltese women.  

It was his unique skill that prompted his son, Joseph Jr,  to open the first Piccinino shop with his wife, Carmen.  In 1968, Corset House opened its doors to customers  and was immediately well-received.  

The couple’s success gave Carmen the drive to seek the  best products around the world. Being very fashion  conscious, she had long recognised the importance  of good lingerie, and often travelled abroad to find  the labels she wanted. She familiarised herself with  

brands, styles and trends that were never found in  Malta and sought the best products and suppliers to  satisfy her customers.  

Carmen immediately made her mark on the business.  She wanted to give local women the opportunity to  feel sexy, comfortable and confident, without the  burden of going abroad to do so. This became what  Piccinino is all about: a lingerie store that caters for all women, offering a variety of brands under one roof.